Of course, it’s impossible for us to catch everything that we’d like to include on the site here. We do our best, but we would be very grateful for your help as well.
Here are the things we keep in mind when searching for videos to include:
– Preferred is fully-produced music videos, as they tend to be the most visually entertaining
– We occasionally do include live performances, or those with lower production quality, because we find other redeeming value there
– We don’t incorporate many lyric videos, because most aren’t that interesting, and we are showcasing videos here, not just audio
– Dark or disturbing imagery, a highly-cynical tone, or something highlighting substance abuse are generally not welcomed here
So, that gives you some guidelines. If you have a video that you particularly enjoy…or are or represent an artist that we haven’t shown here yet, please bring their video to our attention. It’s wise to use the search function on the right side of our home page to double-check. A number of those who have contacted us found out after the fact that their video was already posted here.
After all that, if you feel like we should still consider your video suggestion, please send us a message using the form on this page. Thank you!! šŸ˜‰